Lucas Hamming – Thrill Of The Chase (song review)

Lucas Hamming is a singer-songwriter that has become famous due to his participation in a Dutch talent show (De beste singer-songwriter van Nederland). Two days ago he released the music video for his new single Thrill Of The Chase and although I have heard the song before, it hit me once again how catchy and relatable this song is. The 23-year-old singer is a rocker and has a unique sound.

The song Thrill Of The Chase, from the album Luck Is For Suckers which was released last March, starts off catchy immediately. The lyrics describe Lucas as someone who likes to be busy a lot, and loves excitement but knows to balance this with slowing down every once in a while. For me, it’s relatable and that’s partly why I like this song so much. Furthermore, I just love his sound. Live, he’s just as good, and fun to watch as well! I saw him at a  festival in June and that’s where I took the photo. So, if you like Rock music or a good singer-songwriter, just check him out! Time spent listening to music is never wasted time. 😉

Lucas Hamming – Thrill Of The Chase (Official Video)


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